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Our General Contractors & Specialists

Joseph Sumpter,  Owner / Custom Remodeling Contractor

general contractor sewanee, tnBorn with the heart of an entrepreneur, Joseph began working with his hands building and creating structures for family and neighbors when he was a teenager.  By college, he had refined and perfected many skills repairing and maintaining homes for community and faculty members to earn money.

After receiving a Biehl Grant in his junior year in college, Joseph completed a three-month study of rural sanitation and rainwater collection systems in Venezuela.  Joseph received his bachelor’s degree in political science with an emphasis in the politics of water, from the University of the South in 1997. His new passion to design and build rain water collection systems and incorporate them into home remodeling projects was born.

Today Joseph has his own remodeling company that revitalizes historic homes, provides custom remodeling and renovations to existing homes, offers rain water collection and drainage system options, and improves and protects the whole health of homes. In order to achieve the highest quality product and in consideration of homeowner lifestyle and comfort, Joseph works closely with clients to create results that exceed their expectations. All phases of projects are completed by skilled craftsmen hand chosen and trained by Joseph.

“I enjoy leadership development, problem solving, and creating.  I consider my most important job to provide exceptional client service and quality control.  Each project is completed with care and precision in a positive environment where our team leaders and members treat everyone with dignity and respect.  When you love what you do, where you work, and who you work with, of course anything is possible.  I thank God for the wonderful team I have to work with.”

Joseph is a general residential contractor with full workers’ compensation and liability insurances.  He is a member of the Home Builders Association of Greater Chattanooga (HBAGC), National Association of Home Builders (NAHB), the American Rainwater Collection Systems Association (ARCSA), the International Rainwater Collection Systems Association (IRCSA), and is a Green Certified Builder.


Alyssa Sumpter, Business Coordinator and Co-Owner

general-contractor-sewanee tnAlyssa joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions in May of 2006 offering administrative support, and has grown with the company to her current position as business coordinator and co-owner.  She earned her Bachelor of Science degree in Dental Hygiene from the University of Alabama at Birmingham , and worked as a dental hygienist before joining the company full time.  Alyssa understands the importance of continual training, valuing team members, leadership communications, and creating a positive work environment.

Together with her husband, she has worked to develop a company culture guided by the golden rule and dedicated to finding the best, most beautiful custom remodeling solutions for their clients.




Eric R., Team Leader Manager/Licensed Electrician

general contractor monteagle tn Eric has worked as Team Leader Manager with Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions since 2006 and has been in the remodeling industry for 20 years. He is a licensed electrician, and describes himself as jack-of-all-trades.

Eric enjoys a diversity of trades including electrical work, carpentry, tile, flooring, plumbing, masonry, leadership, and organization.

Eric’s experienced guidance from the details that clients can’t see at the start of a job, all the way to the fine details clients can see at the end of a job result in solid, functional, beautiful, custom results.




Dean A., Team Leader

general contractor monteagle tn Dean joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions in December 2012 bringing 30 years of custom woodworking and trade experience to our company. Dean’s knowledge of wood ensures his creations will last for generations, and his dedication to superior workmanship go hand in hand with our company philosophy. As a team leader, Dean enjoys mentoring and sharing his craftsmanship with the team members, team leaders, and clients.




Mark G., Team Leader

general contractor sewanee tnMark joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions in August 2011 as a team leader with 25 years of experience in the construction industry.  Prior to joining our team, he worked with heavy equipment and excavation, spent 10 years with the Nuclear Security Police in the USAF, participated in Desert Storm Southern Watch, and provided comfort for Kurdish military campaigns, and currently holds a Class A CDL license.  Mark enjoys successfully guiding people and projects. His remodeling skills include fine finish trimming, tile, sidewalks, flooring, framing, plumbing, painting, and brainstorming unique remodeling situations.  Beyond his knowledge in different remodeling trades, Mark also provides an undercurrent of calmness and confidence on his jobsites.  Under Mark’s leadership our teams experience high morale, efficiency, clear communications, and enjoyment in their work.




Tyler H., Team Member, Recycling Coordinator

Tyler Hankins Tyler joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions team in August of 2012 as a summer team member.  We were so impressed with Tyler, we could not let him go.  Tyler worked with us part time until he finished high school.  He is now a full time team member with us, and we are blessed and thrilled to have him on our team!  Tyler enjoys roofing, painting, cleaning, and demolition.  Tyler leads the remodeling teams in the company recycling program on job sites, and voluntarily expanded the company recycling program to include scrap metals, which are sold to a recycling center to raise money to donate to a local youth group.  Tyler has a strong work ethic, has unstoppable enthusiasm, and is an Eagle Scout.

Clay B., Team Member and Gallery Artist

general contractor sewanee tn Clay joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions in March 2012. Clay’s experience as a craftsman and artisan enable him to create custom fixtures and other features out of metal and wood. His artistic skills transfer beautifully into our remodeling company with our eye for precision and fine detail. Clay applies his artistic talent to his work with stunning results.






Winter C., Team Member

general contractor monteagle tn Winter joined Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions in April 2013 as an early summer support member.  His skills and experience in landscaping, painting, and construction, along with his strong work ethic and attention to detail earned him a permanent seat in our company. Winter enjoys painting and detail work, and is a wonderful addition to the team in helping Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions take their high quality to the next level.





Hilda V., Office Administrative Assistant


Hilda joined the Joseph’s Remodeling Solutions team in August 2012 and works in the office assisting with payroll, accounts payable, accounts receivable, office organization, and employee relations. She has enjoyed the opportunity to participate in team building exercises with a company whose culture consists of honesty, integrity, and quality..